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March 15, 2020

Oro Valley, Arizona

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February 2013

The Explorer, February 27, 2013 — Aging Well

Now is the time to just say yes!

Lou Waters

Lou Waters
Special to the Explorer

You’ve retired from life’s hurlyburly. You’re in your 60s or 70s and the walls start closing in. Retirement will often do that — slow life down and close you off from an active social life. You end up, hour after hour, at the foot of your television either watching the soaps or increasing your anxiety about the future of the world by absorbing the clatter of "cable news". Life has become empty and you need to fill it up.

As Chris Crowley writes in the book "Younger Next Year", "There’s a temptation to say ‘no’ to stuff as we get older. We need to do almost anything that gets us involved with other people. Connection saves lives."

We need to de-mystify and create a new generation of older people very it in body, mind and spirit and this new attitude already is taking shape as we ask ourselves, "are we living longer, or perhaps dying longer?".

I work out daily with other older folks who have taken on a new job, getting physically fit.

Dr. Henry Lodge, who provides us with the very latest science on aging well, writes. "Forget retiring to an easy chair with the remote. That’s crazy. Work hard at the rest of your life, but do it in your own way. Get into good shape. Then go out and take some chances. Get to know new people. Work hard at relationships, and get involved in your community or some projects."

And if any of this strikes a chord within you, I have just the ticket. My last chance this year to coax you away from your remote control is to participate with me in the Arizona Distance Classic right here in Oro Valley — "a celebration of the healthy active lifestyle."

It’s not a competition — emphasis is on "celebration", and this year the "Champions Walk" has been added for those of you who may be shutting the world off by not participating with us.

Sun City is already signing up folks. Come with us. You may meet your new best friend.

March 24 — a Sunday morning. Check it out at

Just say yes!


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