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March 15, 2020

Oro Valley, Arizona

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December 2014

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Oro Valley Meet Yourself set for same weekend as Arizona Distance Classic Half Marathon

Oro Valley Meet Yourself

The first-annual Oro Valley Meet Yourself, a cultural festival featuring music, dance and art, will be held in Oro Valley, Ariz., in conjunction with the 11th Annual Arizona Distance Classic Half Marathon.

Visitors to Oro Valley Meet Yourself will experience the authentic, community-based cultural traditions and folk-life of Oro Valley: music, dance, manual arts, occupation customs, foodways and stories of home and place. The event is patterned after the popular Tucson Meet Yourself.

The Oro Valley Meet Yourself will be held March 21-22, 2015 at the Oro Valley Marketplace.

The festival is sponsored by the Town of Oro Valley and Oro Valley Marketplace and produced by Southwest Folklife Alliance, the same group that produces Tucson Meet Yourself.

The Arizona Distance Classic Half Marathon will also be held in Oro Valley the weekend of March 21-22, with the Half Marathon, Quarter Marathon and 5K set for Sunday, March 22. The Town of Oro Valley is also a major sponsor of the Arizona Distance Classic.

For more information, visit or the Meet Yourself Oro Valley page on the Oro Valley Web site.


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